After Meltdown Mayhem Monday, I was determined that today should be Tantalisingly Tempting Tuesday.

The financial markets and pundits might disagree, but it has remained TTT in our house all day. So here’s a round-up to reflect the air of optimism that pervades this small corner of the West Midlands:

At the risk of sounding too much like Noel Edmonds, here’s a celebration of the power of positive thinking.

Whilst Richard Branson might be fearing the “worst recession of my lifetime”, two of his fellow tycoons have been bigging the economy up.

Billionaire Sir Philip Green, High Street retailer extraordinaire, has taken a swipe at the media for focusing on negativity.

He criticised the press for spreading gloom about economic conditions and steadfastly refused to join in with the “doom-mongering camp”. All this on the day his Bhs chain reported a 40% slump in profits.

Dragon’s Den inmate and fellow entreprenuer Peter Jones is backing a new national skills academy (NSA) in entrepreneurship.

And he launched his support by also aiming a few blows at the media for helping to talk us all into recession.

Whilst share prices tumble and belts get tightened, a leading genetics boffin says this is as good as it gets.

More specifically, Professor Steve Jones claims human evolution has virtually ground to a halt.

In terms of evolution, Prof Jones believes we have arrived at utopia or as close to it as we are likely to get.

Which might help to explain this chap.

Although I’m a fan of crime dramas, cop shows and the like, I wouldn’t profess to being any sort of authority on nefarious activities.

But I feel on safe ground suggesting that having your name and date of birth tattooed on your neck is not the wisest move for a criminal.

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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, I can’t marvel enough when reading the money pages of any of the broadsheets. You’d be forgiven to picture the whole nation being washed up on the street, right into the gutter.

    On the positive side, if it makes people think a little more about their purchasing habits (without becoming mean) it can only be a good outcome. Also, have you noticed how the ‘crunch’ doesn’t stop the colour supplements to run pictures of outrageously expensive clothes, bags and shoes? And whilst I myself am partial to a pair of Louboutin’s finest (shoes that is) I think it immoral the media peddling panic at the same time as perpetuating the worst of capitalism.

    After yesterday’s TTT what might you suggest to call this Wednesday?


  2. Paul Groves says:

    U: Well, its Wrecklessly Wanton Wednesday in our house.

  3. Ursula says:

    Paul, wishing you a fine Friday morning.

    Don’t you think this day of the week, since starting with an ‘f’, lends itself to most apt alliteration?

    Washed up,

  4. Paul Groves says:

    U: Absolutely. It is a Fantastically Frisky Friday in these parts.

  5. Ursula says:

    Paul, lucky you, slightly different story here – and it’s only 0835..


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