Tomorrow is Blog Action Day and the theme this year is poverty.

Bloggers around the world will be writing posts and taking part in events to raise awareness about a wide variety of issues.

In Birmingham tomorrow a group of bloggers have got together to offer a free social media surgery to local voluntary groups and charities.

There’s an impressive cast of surgeons signed up to offer all sorts of advice, guidance and treatment and there is still an opportunity for groups to sign up – here.

I’ll be blogging tomorrow on a poverty issue closer to home.

It is also Debt Week and a whole series of events will lead up to a rally in Birmingham city centre on Saturday afternoon (October 18, 2pm).

Hundreds of campaigners are expected to make a stand against poverty at the Victoria Square gathering, joining a global movement of millions campaigning for the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Last year around 43million people in 127 countries responded to the call to make a stand against poverty and inequality and organisers hope this year’s response will be even bigger.

The Birmingham gathering is co-ordinated by the Jubilee Debt Campaign, which is also running an information stall at the Rag Market, close to St Martin’s Church, today, Thursday and Friday, giving people the chance to sign a petitionĀ urging the Government to pick up the pace of debt relief.

Audrey Miller, of Birmingham JDC, said: “Debt still keeps some of the poorest countries in the world locked into poverty, but hundreds of billions have been made available in recent weeks to bail out western banks whose reckless lending has been found out.

“Like today’s crisis, the developing world debt crisis was based on reckless lending decisions and is hurting the least responsible.

“But unlike today’s crisis, there has been no instant bail out for the world’s poor.”


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  1. Nick Booth says:

    Thanks Paul, and thanks for encouraging Audrey to come along – she’s signed up.

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