It has been quite a week, all things considered.

In fact, it has been a very good week (more details at another date). So here’s a round-up to complete an interesting few days:

One of the many positives to come out of Wednesday’s Blog Action Day is the social media surgery set up by a group of Birmingham bloggers.

All sorts of good stuff has come out of the event, including an impressive new blog for the Jubilee Debt Campaign in Birmingham thanks to the efforts of one of the social media surgeons Stef Lewandowski and the enthusiasm of local JDC members.

It is a big weekend for JDC and the new blog will be a very useful new campaigning tool.

The US presidential campaign has become increasingly spiteful, although many pundits are pointing the finger at the Republicans for waging a negative campaign. Democrat nominee Barack Obama is being depicted as rising above the sniping and the personal abuse and earning praise for a more positive campaign.

He’s also taking plaudits for the imaginative way his team is finding new ways to spread the message and reach voters.

Eagle-eyed gamers have now spotted an official Obama billboard on Burnout Paradise, the Xbox 360 racing game.

Another good spot, this time from Birmingham: Its Not Shit, is the Subterranea Britannica site – a study and investigation of all man-made and man-used underground places in the UK.

Click on the map and see how many underground places there are near you.

From Canadian magazine The Walrus comes an excellent and eye-opening photo-essay feature on how much money different families all over the world spend on food during a typical week.

Perhaps the next project should be how much of that food is wasted?

And something to bring a smile to your face (hopefully) at the end of the week.

It comes via D-log and is the completely wonderful Toaster Museum, which is the world’s largest on-line toaster exhibition.

Have a good weekend.


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