A round-up of myths and legends:

I have both fingers and toes crossed that The Vulcan will get saved.

A Cardiff landmark for 155 years, the pub opposite the city’s jail is being earmarked for demolition for that vital jewel in the crown of urban regeneration – a multi-storey car park.

The bewery that owns The Vulcan, Brains, has been served with a compulsory purchase order and the chances of saving the pub looked bleak.

But now the National History Museum at St Fagans, on the other side of the city, has expressed an interest in rebuilding The Vulcan at its site.

Another treasure that could be saved is Dr Who now that David Tennant has announced he will give up the Tardis.

Don’t get me wrong, Tennant has been an excellent Time Lord. He was an inspired piece of casting by Russell T Davies and made the role in his own.

But the last series was a shocker, compared with the regenerated show’s high standards, and with Russell T moving on to pastures new so the time is right for Tennant to stand aside and for us to to welcome a new Doctor. Dr Who needs the sort of injection that Tennant himself gave it when he joined the series.

It isn’t a surprise that he is calling it a day. The future for Dr Who is looking brighter.

The same is true for yet another national institution.

One of the earliest incarnations of Sooty has been sold at auction for 10 times the anticipated value.

Richard Cadell, who bought the rights to Sooty earlier this year, paid £3,100 at the sale in Derby and plans to display the glove puppet on the North Pier in Blackpool where Harry Corbett bought the very first Sooty.

And finally, one of our other great old stagers will reach a whole new audience tomorrow.

David Bowie is making a guest appearance in SpongeBob SquarePants.


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