I’m some way off challenging for the title of King of the Mountains.

For one thing, I’ve studiously avoided all mountains since getting my inappropriately named (in my case) mountain bike.

(pic: RachelCreative)

But today I headed into the Derbyshire Dales and specifically the Tissington Trail.

Rather than spend all day on the sofa writing, I decided to start my week in style with a 27-mile round trip.

I headed north from Ashbourne and wasn’t too surprised to find a gradual incline in front of me for the best part of 13-and-a-half miles. As I neared Parsley Hay and the end of the Tissington Trail itself the wind was gusting so hard directly into my face it almost brought me to a standstill.

But I conquered that gentle, gradual, never-ending incline.

And then I whizzed back down the slight slope in half the time to Ashbourne with that wind at my back.

A fantastic way to start what will be a busy and varied week – writing; Rachel’s wisdom teeth extraction on Wednesday; more writing; preparing to work in an office for the first time in over two years from next week; and Wales playing South Africa on Saturday.

But as Prince of the Gradual Incline, I now feel I can take on anything the rest of the week throws at me.

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  1. ashysheela says:

    wow well done… gradual inclines can be a killer as i remember from the last time i got on a bike and tried to ride to a pub which i believed was along a flat road… it was not! Good job there was not an adverse camber as well as a gradual incline, or you may not have come out so triumphant 😉

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Ashy: I like to think that gradual inclines are the hardest challenge of all…they clearly aren’t, proper big mountains are much harder, but I still like to think it all the same 🙂

  3. Nick S Donald says:

    I’ve steered clear of cycling since 2004, when the pedals came off my bike 2 miles from home.

    You truly understand the meaning of “uphill” when you’ve got no pedals.

    MInd you, that’s what happens when you buy a bike for £15 off someone whose nickname is “Slippery Pete”.

    I’ve only myself to blame.

  4. Ursula says:

    Paul, how sweet, nay poetic: The Prince of the Gradual Incline. Dreamy.

    Most certainly better than my Cinderella of the Rapid Decline. I don’t want to add to Rachel’s agonies (am I the only person in the world who has never had a wisdom tooth extraction?) otherwise I’d ask you to kiss me better.


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