An end-of-the-week round up after a fairly memorable seven days:

I am struggling to understand why people do still fall for email scams, but according to one Midlands MP a large number of professionals are getting duped.

Richard Taylor wants a new “Scam Awareness Day”, to be known as SAD (bad choice, I think), to educate people about the dangers of trusting the contents of their e-mail box.

He claims a professional in his constituency was conned out of more than £100,000.

I do find it staggering. Is it naivety, greed, or a combination of both?

Another baffling story comes courtesy of a survey which found almost 30% of teachers polled believe creationism should be taught as a science.

I can see there is a case to argue the issue could be raised during lessons, but for 29% of the 1,120 who responded to the Teachers TV survey to say they didn’t think it would be wrong to make it an integral part of science lessons is a bit of a worry.

All the focus might well be on the on-going military operations in Afghanistan, but apparently the country has enjoyed a record opium harvest this year.

As a result the EU’s drug agency has warned the UK can expect a record amount of heroin flooding the market in the months to come.

The agency also reveals that the UK remains at the top of the European league table of 27 countries for cocaine abuse for the fifth year in a row – we account for 820,000 of the 4 million Europeans who have “recently used” cocaine.

And the big issue now facing America after a week that will live long in the memory is the choice of the First Puppy, apparently.


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  1. Haha.. That’s right The First Puppy is all that is of interest lately… I am supportive of Obama but am becoming worried that we will elevate this man to such adorating heights… celebrity President… ps Gonna add u to my blog roll Paul

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