A mid-week round up taking in rude MPs, the hunt for gold and creating green spaces:

A Labour MP claims to have been stripped of some of his parliamentary allowance over his blogging activity.

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West (my former local MP), has caused a little consternation in parliamentary circles for his less than generous observation of fellow MPs on his blog – he has described Peter Hain as a “shapeshifter” and Lembit Opik as a “clown”.

It strikes me that such observations fall under the heading “fair comment” and yet Mr Flynn says part of his communications allowance has now been removed.

Other MPs have complained of the Commons trying to “censor” their blogs but the authorities say there are rules on using public money for “propaganda”.

Can we expect a few more anonymous, warts and all political blogs as a result?

Apparently we are are living on treasure island.

The British Museum says the number of finds containing gold and silver by amateur treasure hunters rose by 10% in the last 12 months to 750.

The most valuable discovery was a rare Iron Age necklace found near Newark in Nottinghamshire and worth £360,000.

So if you want to beat the financial gloom, invest in a metal detector.

News from New York that one of the city’s disused landmarks is to be imaginatively transformed into another green space.

The High Line – the derelict elevated railway on New York’s Lower West Side is being turned into a mile-and-a-half-long “park in the sky”.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, do bring Ms Creative and join the metal detectors at a local beach near me. As to ‘treasure’: Shells don’t tend to stick.

    Glad you still find time to blog.


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