A crisp round-up for a clear, frosty morning:

The crew of a police helicopter have claimed they narrowly avoided disaster when flying over Birmingham earlier this year after a near miss with a UFO.

The truth is still out there.

Sixteen-year-old Aaron Fotheringham has become the first person to gain official recognition for perfecting a back flip in his wheelchair.

The teenager, known as “Wheels” at the Las Vegas skateparks were he practices his “hardcore sitting”, has been trying various stunts since the age of nine when his older brother dared him to try negotiating a skateboard ramp.

I guess that’s what older brothers are for.

The Finnish military is up in arms (sorry) over claims that Russian special forces pictured invading Georgia earlier this year wore camouflage fatigues based on their own designs.

The feisty Finns say the camouflage pattern, known as M05, is based on digital photos of Finnish forests. Russia has denied copying the Finns’ combats.

And the exodus from Walkabout Inns has apparently begun.

Hordes of Aussies are heading back Down Under in pursuit of jobs and sunshine as the credit crunch and cold snap start to bite.

So, its not all bad news then.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, I love it.

    If I were strapped into the confines of a wheelchair I’d probably just relax and go with the bumpy ride rather than attempt a back flip. What wonderful spirit that young man shows. If I were his mother I wouldn’t even be able to be annoyed with him: “Isn’t there enough damage already without risking further?” What does he have to lose?

    Such joy when my own offspring comes back through the door on his own two feet, unscathed by a day of skateboarding.


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