I rediscovered my love of breakfast cereals back in the Spring, around the time I got back on my bike.

A big bowl of cereal was the ideal way to refuel after my early morning ride around the city’s quiet, duck-filled streets.

I’m still enjoying my morning bowl of goodness, but I’m facing a dilemma.

I only like to eat cereal swimming in a pool of cold milk straight from the fridge. Warm milk is yucky, even room temperature milk is a problem – I just don’t do porridge at all.

But as the temperature outside gets lower, so my body tells me it wants heat in the morning and not cold.

So I fear I might need to take a cereal sabbatical until the temperature starts to spring back up again.

I will therefore be searching for an alternative morning refueller – although I’ll keep some cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge just in case.

Yet another reason to wish winter passess quickly.


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  1. jaynehowarth says:

    I love it when you blog on the serious issues of the day! But, seriously (!) beans and toast, cheese on toast, bagels, waffles and a full English (or Welsh, natch) or its components therein are obvious candidates to refuel in the morning.

    I’ve lost interest in my fruit salad and yoghurt (after about three years) and have started on cereal again, but it’s so DULL.

    The most important thing we should say, however, is that breakfast is the meal that should not be missed. We all know that makes sense …. let us know your breakfast of choice!

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Jayne: So right, yet so wrong.

    I would dearly love bacon, sausage, egg and fried bread every morning – or variations thereof.

    Alas these are all foods that MsCreative is unable to consume for health reasons (but would dearly love to be allowed to eat).

    I fear that if was to cook up a storm each morning it would possibly lead to the divorce courts.

    I will update when my new choice is settled.

  3. Mr Milky says:

    I find it completely unacceptable that you are trying to put hard-working, perennially chirpy milkmen out of business during the worst economic recession in 30 years.

    You should be ashamed.

  4. Paul Groves says:

    Mr Milky: Rest assured I will be maintaining my weekly milk intake during the winter – as will Flyman (our large-boned cat).

  5. le craic says:

    I have a problem eating breakfast in the morning but I know the problem is I don’t get up early enough. My morning routine is usually a cup of hot water, then shower, the cup of tea and maybe a slice of toast. By the time I get to work, I’m ready to eat and I have a banana, breakfast bar and maybe a bagel.

    If I only got into a better routine I’d feel a whole lot more energetic during the day.

  6. Paul Groves says:

    AJ: I used to skip breakfast and never realised that was probably why I dipped in terms of energy and focus by late morning (which wasn’t good working on an evening newspaper!).
    As Jayne sensibly says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is about routines, but don’t you just hate having so many routines in your life?

  7. dp says:

    Put off by porridge, are you? I presume you mean the textureless, goopy stuff that’s made from rolled oats, as distinct from the nutty flavoured, chewy stuff made from coarse-chopped oats. The latter takes a bit longer to cook, but the grains can be roasted a bit for extra flavour. Top it with home made plum or apple compote, slivered almonds or chopped hazelnuts, maple syrup and butter. It’s hearty stuff.

    Had I the time, I’d do hash browns and corned beef, or eggs benedict. But most of the time I settle for a cappucino, a biscuit, a banana and maybe a yogurt, then have an early lunch.

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