What am I talking about?

Of course we will unravel the broadcasting mystery that was Bonekickers, the BBC’s big budget flop.

The solution is as clear as the bad script, over-acting and waste of licence payers’ money.

Bonekickers was the worst programme on TV, so commissioning a second series was never going to be a serious option.


The really big question that remains is why the first series was so bad?

You would think that the BBC’s checks and balances are good enough to spot when something is beyond awful and heading into the realms of farcical. There are those who say Bonekickers only saw the light of day because of the amount the Beeb spent on it – which, in itself, is worthy of some serious questions.

Little wonder then that the Beeb does not want to get its fingers burnt again.

Yet, according to the BBC, it was the writing team of Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham (previously behind the ratings hit and critically acclaimed Life on Mars) who decided to “concentrate on other projects” rather than pen a second series.

The Beeb says it looks forward to working with the duo in the near future.

I can’t wait either as it will be interesting to see whether they rediscover their mojo after the appalling archaeology-fuelled nonsense of Bonekickers.

I’m a bit behind with this news, so thanks to Kenny for the heads up.

In the meantime at least we’ll be saved further punishment. The words “Stand aside, damn you! Can’t you see that I’m an archaeologist?” will now hopefully never beam out of my TV.

I still hope Bonekickers doesn’t become yet another “so bad its good” cult hit.

It really is undeserving of even this most dubious of honours.

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  1. Nick S Donald says:

    Paul, did you watch the first episode of Wallander on BBC1 on Sunday? By all accounts it was everything Bonekickers was not.

    I think it’s important that the BBC takes its drama seriously. Drama is what it’s always been best at. Plus if we pay a licence fee, commercialism should be in the passenger seat – for the most part at least.

    Mind you, a friend of mine has told me he has already bought the Bonekickers DVD for my Christmas present.

    I truly cannot tell if he is joking or not…

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Nick: Yes, Wallander showed how good the BBC can be. Kenny’s performance was a triumph, the script was solid, the overall feel was spot on.
    Perhaps you should get your “friend” a suitable present in return – a subscription to the new Jamie Oliver magazine perhaps (share in his wonderful life), or The Best of Top Gear.

  3. Nick S Donald says:

    Good idea.
    Or perhaps a copy of “Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale” by Russell T Davies.

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