A rather depressing sign of the times – recession = insularity.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, yes, the Polish are taking over Britain, I know. It’s an absolute shocker – particularly as they undercut the hourly rate of a British, say, roofer or decorator, often doing a better job; now they even have audacity to open cornershops, offering carp at £5.99/kg..

    In despair, and during a spare moment, one could, of course, muse on the history and exploits of the empire, Europe (as in continent), globalisation, the free market, demand and supply, may the best man win, why we expect, when emigrating to Australia, to be welcomed and be fed for less than a fiver at a restaurant in Turkey.

    I understand the plight of anyone having to hunt down their bacon when there are no pigs around: But “British jobs for British workers” is a dangerous slogan: That’s where one of the nastier side shoots of nationalism takes root.


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