Like bears and tortoises, me and my bike have been in hibernation.

Pretty much from early November through to late January, my trusty two-wheeler stayed locked up in the garage and my early mornings were spent seeking warmth, coffee and a hot breakfast rather than a circuit of ye olde city I call home.

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I am a fair weather cyclist.

Me and the bike in warmer times:


(image by rachelcreative)

But with something approaching renewed vigour, plus some thermal acquisitions and Christmas presents (socks, gloves, shirts), I’ve broken my hibernation.

For two weekends on the trot – or should that be pedal? – I’ve ventured back out for my early morning rides.

It is still a bit nippy and motorists are generally still idiots, but guess what?

I feel so much better for it.

Hibernation made sense for those couple of months.

However, getting back on two wheels is fantastic.

I might even cycle in to my new office – once it gets lighter and warmer in the mornings, obviously.


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