I like quiet.

The stillness of the early morning, the silence of snow in winter, no noise is good noise as far as I’m concerned.

But I am annoyed at myself for the quietness on this blog.

There are reasons (excuses?) aplenty. But, still, I should know better.

The main reason has been my new job – my new 9-5, my daily grind, my proper work after more than 2 years of slumming it at home and treating the sofa as my office.

I like my new job. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I’m starting to realise how much its been influencing my life, particularly since Christmas when my preoccupation with my new occupation reached level “silly” very quickly.

I forgot the most important thing in my life:


So, hopefully, work-life balance will now be restored to its proper place – namely, life taking priority.

But…I am going to carry on writing about work.

Amongst the tasks I’ve set for myself in my new role – PR & Marketing Manager for a government-funding education organisation – is to see how it could make use of some of the social networking tools I’ve been experimenting with during my self-employment.

The likes of Twitter and LinkedIn have proved useful on an individual basis. But how can I use them positively and productively for my new employer?

I’m making progress on the answers (although not enough to go public yet), whilst the shake-up of the organisation’s existing online presence is continuing apace.

It has proved fun finding ways in which to tweet, make connections, spread the message, raise awareness and reach new audiences as part of an organisation and not just as an individual.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that for an organisation to succeed with such social networking tools, it needs more than just an individual to use them. In other words, I’m indulging in a spot of online evangelism at present and working hard to convince new colleagues the value of such sites to them in the role they do.

I’m happy to set up a presence on such sites, but I need as many of my colleagues as possible to take an active role in order to ensure success.

So big plans are afoot and I’m enthused about transferring some of the things I’ve picked up in the last couple of years in my new role.

But they won’t be taking priority. I’ll be working extremely hard to make sure that Rachel remains the most important part of my work-life balance from now on.

We both knew that moving back into full-time employment would form part of a steep learning curve. We had both become used to me being at home all day, albeit juggling full-time work with caring for Rachel.

I’m fortunate that my new office is only 15 minutes walk across our small, imperfectly formed city. So I can now juggle a full-time, office-based job with my role as carer.

I’m also determined to get back to blogging more regularly.

After all, what’s the point in doing all this new stuff if I don’t write about it too?

But I’ll still enjoy a bit of silence from time to time.


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