As ever, I’m not surprised (but still slightly miffed) at the English-centric coverage of the Wales-England Six Nations match in most of the national media.

Wales won, but the lion’s share of the coverage and analysis is of England’s performance.

Even where there are articles purporting to focus on the Welsh achievements, there’s a large dose of English news and comment attached to it.

It is like last year, when Wales stormed back to an unexpected and thoroughly deserved win at Twickenham. But the after-match focus was on how England had lost.

Still, no matter. I half accept the argument that as the bulk of the audience is English – population stats are tricky to ignore – then the focus of the coverage should be on their team. Yet it does sometimes feel quite disproportionate.

No doubt the Welsh-based media will redress the balance somewhat with a typically one-eyed approach. But then it isn’t catering for a UK-wide audience.

So, 48 hours after sitting down in the Millennium Stadium to watch the match, here’s my considered review of Wales vs England:

Wales beat England by playing the sort of controlled and confident game the men in white used to be so adept at producing.

They shut things down in the last 20 minutes in the same sort of way that England under Clive Woodward and Leicester with Martin Johnson as skipper did for so many years.

Equally, England assumed the role of “heroic losers” that Wales have laboured under for so many years. They were always chasing the game and never quite proved good enough to secure an unlikely victory.

It was a role reversal I enjoyed tremendously on Saturday evening.

Job done.

Move on.


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  1. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Paul, is your considered review of Wales vs England not a little TOO brief, pithy and to the point? I mean, where’s all the purple prose and the hyperbole and the gnashing of teeth?
    Tut, tut… that kind of thing will never catch on in the UK sports media.
    It makes too much sense, for a start…

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Nick: Thanks. Hindsight is a great thing, but I do now think the last two sentences of my review are padding.

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