At the start of the month I wrote about my attempts to get my new employer – and some of my new colleagues – Twittering.

The chattering classes have proved quite productive and now fdf has two Twitter accounts – @found_degree which looks to promote Foundation degrees and higher level education and training for employers; @fdf_news which will focus on the organisation itself.

Four of my colleagues have also joined up to Twitter and are currently doing that stumbling and bumbling about that all newcomers to the site go through. Whether it evolves beyond a water-cooler moment remains to be seen and is largely down to them and how they use the site.

For now, at least, they have joined the conversation.


It is very much early days. Despite being on Twitter for just over 12 months, I have a lot to learn about how an organisation can use the micro-blogging service.

I’ve learned a fair bit as an individual Twitterer over the last year or so, but not everything transfers easily when you are tweeting on behalf of an organisation or group of people. I’ve given some basic tips and pointers, but the best advice is for them to give it a go and see where it takes them.

Through the two new fdf accounts, some useful contacts are being established and hopefully we are raising awareness of the work we do and the opportunities for employers that are out there – ultimately, our main reason for using Twitter.

But there is still a fair bit of work to do and lessons to be learned. We are in good company, it seems, as we are not the only organisation trying to discover how best to use Twitter.

There are also new tools and applications being launched to help organisations and companies use Twitter more effectively.

One of the latest to be recommended to me – via a Twitter contact, obviously – is CoTweet.

I’m now looking to see how fdf can make use of this service and other tools available.

As more people and organisations sign up to Twitter so the opportunities increase.

Making sure we take full advantage is the next challenge.


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