So the Six Nations rugby championship is over for another year and Ireland take all the honours.

There was a great atmosphere in Cardiff as Wales took on the Irish for the title and in the fine tradition of sporting encounters it went down to the wire.

Wales missed what would have been the championship winning penalty with the last kick of the match and Ireland were victorious. The hordes of Irish fans, ably supported by the most of the defeated Welsh fans, painted Cardiff green.


There really isn’t much to say, other than the best team won on the day and Ireland deserved to win the title.

They have finally delivered on the promise they’ve shown for a decade or more. As for Wales, England, Scotland, France and Italy, there is plenty to ponder and a lot of work to be done.

Wales went from last year’s champions to 4th in 2009. They haven’t become a bad side, but they have failed to progress from the side that showed so much potential 12 months ago.

Next up – at international level at least – is the British Lions tour of South Africa this summer.

We can probably now expect the Lions touring party to have a definite green tinge to it.

It should be an intriguing few weeks.


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  1. ninacolors says:

    well, I don’t know anything abt sports, but I envy you going to Wales; I hear it’s really beautiful!

  2. gaiusc says:

    Fix the lineout and Wales will be back in business!

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