How can you get from Miss Universe to a Cadbury’s creme egg via President Obama and the Krankies?

Easy, read on.

The current Miss Universe is a blogger, by all accounts. She has been informing readers of what she’s been up to during her reign as the most beautiful woman in the whole universe.

This includes a fun day out to Guantanamo Bay to visit US troops – although, it seems, not the inmates.

“It was a loooot of fun!” says Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela, who was visiting with her close friend and fellow beauty Crystle Stewart (Miss USA).

Staying on an American theme, The Beast has hit the streets of the UK.

President Obama’s armoured limousine, a four-wheeled colossus, entered Downing Street where its owner met with PM Gordon Brown ahead of the G20 summit in London.

The BBC seems to think the driver’s attempts to turn The Beast around on the narrow street wasn’t up to much. But, compared to most examples of driving seen on UK streets, I think they’re being a bit harsh.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers has been having a pop at the negative impact of TV on kids today, which seems sensible. Alas they have failed to hit the mark by singling out the average pupil’s heavy use of catchphrases in the playground as proof of the problems being caused.

A playground without meaningless catchphrases filling the air is an abomination.


And the latest viral marketing campaign to hit YouTube has been launched by Cadbury for their creme eggs.

Marketing ploy or not, this is still an impressive way to creme an egg.


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