I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Easter.

Time has been spent chilling with Rachel, enjoying a couple of short trips out, eating some tasty chocolate and drinking some very agreeable wine.

We also had some very good news when a couple of good friends rang to announce their engagement.

The four-day long weekend also brought something else – about 100 miles worth of training rides for my attempt to take on the C2C Challenge.

I’ve also been doing some basic maintenance – under the disinterested gaze of Flyman.


(pic by RachelCreative)

The training has been fun, tackling a few steeper hills than normal and spending longer in the saddle than I’m used to.

I’ve also identified a few things I could do with to help with training and the challenge itself – both hopefully arriving this week courtesy of the marvellous Wiggle.

I’m planning to reveal a few more details of why I’m taking on the C2C Challenge later this week.

I’m hoping people will be able and willing to help.


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  1. Mikki says:

    That is one eloquent picture of Flyman’s feelings towards your bike.

  2. Peter Bacon says:

    Most impressed with your bike self-challenge… Have just finished and can highly recommend What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami, the Japanese novelist. It’s about his lifetime of marathon running (and more recently triathlon, so there is the bike link) but it’s much more than that – a memoir of sorts and really great stuff, about writing and being and life in general. I loved it, and the only exercise I get is playing the saxophone!

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Thanks Peter. Saying I’ll do this challenge might be impressive, but it doesn’t mean I’ll actually manage it!

    You might see me riding around the city, if you’re awake early enough obviously.

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