You wait ages for a positive national newspaper article about Birmingham’s ever-changing cityscape and then this comes along.

It is quite fitting that it is in “arts and entertainment” as the writer has clearly swallowed a hyperbole machine with often hilarious results.

Perhaps some of the journalist’s wild enthusiasm rubbed off on Clive Dutton, redoubtable boss of all things regeneration in Birmingham, as he enters into the swing of things by describing how he wants the city to be visible from space (or something).

Still, at least someone is prasing Birmingham for a change.

There are plenty of column inches around today about the selection of the British Lions squad to tour South African in the summer, for what promises to be a feast of rugby.

No doubt we’ll see many, many more in the weeks to come.

There are a few surprise omissions and admissions to the squad. It has prompted some to claim the Lions are quite toothless and don’t stand a chance against the reigning world champions.

But I don’t agree. I think it is going to be very close, but given the strength of the playing and non-playing squad I expect the Lions to win the test series.

The fuss surrounding the selection does, however, once again prove that you can’t please any rugby fan at any time.

There has also been some dissenting voices about Anthony Gormley’s plans to get 2,400 people to stand on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square in London.

However, for those who are interested, the renowned artist is now accepting applications from those who would like to be one of the 2,400.


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