It has only been 24 hours but I’ve already been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the response to my question about whether people would be willing to spare 10 minutes of their time rather than donate £10 when I take the C2C Challenge.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has commented here, on Twitter, sent me direct messages on Facebook and LinkedIn and has taken the trouble to email.

Rachel and I have been amazed at the generosity of those willing to give up their time to help raise awareness of ME/CFS and the role of carers in the UK.

But the hard work has only just started. I’ll be providing regular updates and ideas for those willing to donate 10 minutes or more to me.

I’ll obviously be out pounding the pedals again this weekend to make sure I’m actually capable of riding 140 miles from Whitehaven to Sunderland in two days.

I may even try to get Sutton Coldfield and back again on Saturday or Sunday – this time with a map.

For now, however, you have all helped to put big smiles on our faces.

Thanks for your time.



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