With a little over a month to go before I take on the C2C Challenge, training is still going well.

With both National Carers Week and National Bike Week now almost upon us, I’ll be adding a few more regular updates here and on the Facebook group page about how those who have generously offered their support can donate some of their time.

I’m managing to fit rides around work, household chores, being a guest at a wedding and spending time out and about with Rachel.

I’ve taken a number of days off recently, sometimes combining a longer training ride in the morning with taking Rachel out, but most of the days off I’ve reserved for days out with my wife. The problem with having a day job, rather than working mainly from home, is the time away from Rachel.

It is tough. As is juggling everything from work, looking after the house, caring for Rachel and getting the training rides under my belt.

But I’m managing…just about.

Days like today don’t really help though. I still ventured out at 6.30am and still managed the route I had planned, tackling a few tough climbs along the way. I made sure the grimace looked like a smile to anyone who saw me.

woo-hoo resized

I had a sense of achievement when I returned home, although it was nothing compared to the authentic drowned rat impression.

Rain is not my friend. So what that makes the type of heavy rain we’ve had this morning is anyone’s guess.

But if the weather is like this on July 11 and 12 there is no pulling out, so I may as well get used to the clinging wet uncomfortable sensation I experienced within a few hundred yards of leaving the house – yes, the rain was that heavy!

I’m not alone in ploughing on regardless. I know there are others who are showing plenty of determination and dedication at the moment – some of their challenges dwarf my own 140-miles in 2 days.

The likes of James Gillies are pounding out twice as many miles in a day than I’m hoping to do in two days – and that is just their training ride.

Then there is the likes of Iain, who has pledged an hour of his time in support of me whilst training to complete the Land’s End to John O’Groats route in just six days.

His Race Against Time challenge, with eight other riders, is in support of of the Bishop Simeon Trust who do vital work in South Africa dealing with the social and economic effects of the AIDS/HIV pandemic. A great cause and an amazing challenge worthy of support.

Iain’s wife Bryony has also been hugely encouraging and I remain overwhelmed by the support of them both and everyone else who has pledged to help me.

It is the main reason I set out in the pouring rain this morning.

Thank you all!


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