Oh, is that it?

It is all done and dusted on The Apprentice for another year.

Sir Alan has got his new £100,000-a-year dynamo and we can all sleep a little easier in our beds.

But where were the fireworks? What happened to the entertainment?

I found last night’s finale a bit like the whole series – underwhelming.

The big bearded boss man might have told Adrian Childs that he thought the 2009 “mob” was the best collection of candidates so far, but that clearly wasn’t true. The standard has dropped consistently since the show started five years ago.

It is fair to say that in comparison to some that have gone before, this year’s finalists Kate and Yasmina were shining stars amidst a collection of black holes. They both made a good job of launching a new range of chocolates and either would have been a worthy winner.

It was Yasmina who triumphed for offering more of a business spark than the very presentable Kate.

And yet this series, like Yasmina’s winning chocolates, was a bit unpalatable. She wanted her product to shock, she wanted lightening bolts going off.


Those who tasted the chocolates seemed to want to grimace, rather than look shocked. Whilst the low rumble the product provided was more likely grumbling stomachs than a roll of thunder before the lightening strike.

But, like the second task of the series, Yasmina triumphed despite creating a product that her customer’s simply didn’t like.

Kate’s box of chocolates was pretty much created in her own image and so gives a good indication of why she didn’t win.

katewalshThe product was cute, it seemed like a good idea but the final box of chocolates didn’t quite work.

There was plenty of style, but it seemed too expensive for what it actually was and didn’t actually offer anything substantial enough.

She was a worthy finalist given the standard of competition.

But Yasmina was probably the worthy winner.

Last night felt a bit of a damp squib. A bit like the whole series, there was nothing to get truly excited about.

There were a few moments to entertain. Ben always seems good value for injecting a fair dose of nonsense into proceedings.

The man who declared making money was better than sex seems to bring everything down to a fairly base level. He turned an idea of a box of chocolates for a couple to share into a sex act.

Maybe the reason he thinks making money is better than a bit of bedroom fun is not that he’s doing the deed badly, but that he simply hasn’t done it enough (or at all)?

There were some good ideas last night and both finalists led their teams effectively. We had no evidence of bitching, people simply got on with the roles they had been assigned.

As a result, the pitches went well and the invited audience was impressed. It didn’t necessarily help provide the sort of dubious entertainment we have come to expect from The Apprentice though.

Sir Alan got the right winner, but did we get the right programme?

The formula will change next time simply because the blessed Margaret is standing down. Hopefully the programme makers will opt for a wider make-over for a show that has lost its fizz.

But, for now, congratulations to Yasmina Siadatan.


At the start of the series, Yasmina told the Apprentice website: “Business is about a simple formula. Make more than you spend. That’s what I do, I keep business simple and it works. I’m good at it.”

Finally, someone talks common sense on The Apprentice.

Finally, we may have a worthy winner.


2 responses »

  1. Nick Scott Donald says:

    I felt rather flat at the end of it all, I must say.

    Perhaps it was because the winner succeeded whilst trying to make chocolate seem “dangerous”, which I struggled with.

    But perhaps it will be a politically themed The Apprentice for next year, with Lord Sugar of Hackney trying to get would-be apprentices to sell politics back to the people?

  2. Ursula says:

    A pressing question, Paul:

    Now that SAS has a foot in No 10’s door what’s to become of the nation? Will we all be fed low quality chocolates at a price?


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