It has been a while since I wrote on here.

A simple update since my last post about pulling out of this weekend’s C2C Challenge would read – “stressing, sleeping, smiling”.

The stressing was based around a launch event I was organising in London (which went ahead last week on one of the hottest days of the year so far). It was a classic example of the old adage “everything will be alright on the night”, but the build up was somewhat fraught for reasons that were all out of my control.

It even included getting stranded on a train for 90 minutes en route to the event itself and managing to organise the final preparations by phone call, text and email.

The sleeping comes courtesy of a cat who has graciously agreed to be shut in the kitchen overnight without scratching the door frame to shreds.

He has happily slumbered in the kitchen without any drama (so far) and I’m sure the fact that his recently diagnosed hyperactive thyroid is now slowing down to a more manageable pace is a factor.

flyman sleeps


It means I’ve been able to enjoy an extra 90 minutes sleep a day myself without having a ravenous cat pinging on to my chest or head at 5am demanding food.

The smiling has come from spending less time training and getting bogged down in “stuff” and more time with Rachel.

This includes a weekend away at a family 50th birthday bash – which saw Rachel managing a dance with her dad (albeit a very brief one) that was without doubt the highlight of the last few weeks for me.

The week off I was planning to use to recover from the bike challenge is now being put to better use.

From this Friday we’re going on staycation and will spend a week or so at home but enjoying as many jaunts out as we can manage.

I don’t think I’ve missed anything else out…I’ll maybe leave the rant about the BBC’s Michael Jackson memorial concert coverage for another time.


6 responses »

  1. ashysheela says:

    good kitty!

  2. Mikki says:

    we’ve been without doors for a week as they are being stripped and dipped, and I have to report that the cat likes this a lot. Sadly for her they will be back in situ soon and then she can spend the night in the dining room, as she disagrees fundamentally with my rule that beds are for people.

    That is, by the way, an exceptionally cute picture of the cat.

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Ashy/Mikki: I shouldn’t be surprised that Flyman gets the attention. I’m doing fine, by the way!

  4. ashysheela says:

    you are just not fluffy enough!

  5. Paul Groves says:

    …a criticism I’ve heard so many times before.

  6. Mikki says:

    See if Rachel can get some shots of you asleep on the sofa with your toes out, and post them up.

    Perhaps you can steal Flyman’s thunder yet…

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