Three years ago today, the bride wore…

bride shoes

(Adidas Superstars, in ivory, for those really interested).

Our wedding day was fantastic.

In so many ways the last three years have flown by and yet that day in the Cotswolds seems a long time ago now.

Our third wedding anniversary has not gone according to plan – a broken tap and a stubborn valve, some misplaced superglue and a DIY SOS mean we didn’t make our planned lunch date (but we have rearranged it for an early evening meal).

But, we still get to spend the day together!

July 31, 2006 was a very special day.

July 31, 2009 is just as special.


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  1. Rachel M says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂
    Knowing such a wonderful couple makes me feel warm inside.
    I wish you both many happy returns. 🙂

    And Rachel’s Adidas wedding shoes are legend! 😉

  2. Ursula says:

    Mrs Groves not only shows style and individuality but a sense of the practical.

    I don’t remember what shoes I wore on another 31 July many years ago, only that, to compliment a very simple white Laura Ashley cotton affair, I had my veil and head piece fitted by a wonderfully warm old lady in the private sphere of London’s own ‘Liberty’. Unfortunately so tight I never suffered a worse headache in my life than on the happy day.

    I love it, Paul. That’s what marriage is about: Broken valves. May the superglue work its magic for both of you.

    Happy Anniversary.


  3. Rosemary says:

    Congrats to you both x x

    Snap..same anniversary here and for us last week was 27 yrs wed,been together 33 yrs.
    Hope you have as much happiness as we have had.

    x x x

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