As ever, I’m more than a little humbled at the response of people.

This time it was to my last post concerning a few local difficulties that Rachel and I are experiencing.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to offer advice, encouragement, a rallying cry, a dinner invite (!) and who reminded me how many people out there do care.

This little wobble is timely. I’m counting down the days until I take on a 100km bike ride as part of my well-intentioned but slightly stuttering Minutes Not Money idea.

I am determined to complete this particular ride on October 3 after bailing out on the original plan back in July.

Rachel and I are getting a grip on the “stuff” and I’m maintaining a tight grip on my training.


I have been managing 10 miles before work most mornings and then anywhere between 15 and 30-mile training rides at the weekend. I’ll be increasing that weekend mileage over the next couple of weeks before tackling the 100km route next month.

I am still enjoying venturing out on my bike, particularly as I’ve now taken it for a much-needed service (it feels like a brand new bike).

There is a simplicity to riding along very quiet roads and lanes early in the morning that can help put things in perspective or simply allow you to escape from your own thoughts for a while.

I’m planning to keep on riding after October 3. I may even get to do the original Minutes Not Money plan next year instead.

I’ll provide a few more ideas for those who want to support my 100km ride over the next couple of days.

Thanks to those who have stuck with me on this and who might still want to pledge their support.

It helps a lot.


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  1. theaardvark says:

    I missed your previous post but if there’s ever anyway Sharon or I can help out, please give us a call. Having been a carer I know how much just having someone to go for a drink with or similar can help.

  2. Ursula says:

    Yes, Paul, GETTING A GRIP: How one fondly remembers being able to when having two broken wrists in cast.

    In combined response to this and your last posting:

    Shit happens. And then we get irritable: Poor Felix who has lived nearly 18 years of unadultered maternal bliss doesn’t know what’s hit him – and I am only talking about dirty dishes piling up; may my curls get matted since I can’t wield a comb.. Never have our four walls heared as many heated arguments as in the last four weeks. Still, difference between your and my situation being that my predicament will come to an end any time soon.

    My point? Asking for help – of whatever kind – is difficult for some of us: Two of my friends have given me notice because I rather struggle than relent. So, Paul, you are a better man than me. It takes strength of character to admit to one’s limits, ask for a helping hand and take it when stretched out to you.


    PS You remember the olden days: Fight or flight? You are clearly fighting by taking a little flight on your bike.

    PPS Suport? Sure. Please just spell out how.

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Hi U: Thanks, as ever, for some well-crafted thoughts. Plus I’m really sorry I haven’t been more sympathetic and supportive about your plight.
    Ursula, you are a better woman than me 🙂

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