The run up to this Saturday’s bike ride challenge has generally been a lot smoother than the lead-in to my aborted attempt at the C2C Challenge.

I’m feeling very relaxed about taking on the 100km ride and managing to juggle everything else – even if the weather forecasters are predicting the Indian Summer we have been enjoying will come to a very wet end just about the time I’m due to set off on the ride.

Oh well, a little rain never hurt anyone.

I’ll endeavour to keep smiling in my rain-soaked t-shirt.

meIn the meantime, a big thank you to everyone who has donated Minutes Not Money and already started to follow various links.

Also, I’m genuinely humbled by those who have generously donated to the JustGiving page (this weekend’s event will also raise money for the ME Association).

This weekend’s ride and my desire to raise awareness about ME/CFS and the role of carers is quite timely given that we are in the middle of party conference season.

Last year, Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged his audience to give a round of applause for carers. I was reminded of this on Twitter earlier today when it was suggested he might like to repeat that gesture this year too.

Yes, because that is exactly what the millions of carers in the UK really need – a round of applause.

Maybe he should have considered going one better and suggested a standing ovation to go with the round of applause?

Better still, how about some proper recognition and positive support for carers?

Yeah, OK, the standing ovation and big clap is probably more of a realistic expectation.

Alas we probably cannot expect anything else from the Tories either – the Lib-Dems have been and gone with barely a whimper.

So once again all we get is sympathetic words and knowing nods of heads, but absolutely nothing in terms of practical support and help.

That is why trying to raise awareness of the role of carers is an important part of the Minutes Not Money challenge.

This week I will be mostly juggling my various roles – with a few new ones added in for good measure – and putting in some last minute training rides on my bike.

In telling you all this I’m not looking for a round of applause, by the way.


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