So the last training ride is completed and now I’m literally counting down the hours until my Minutes Not Money bike ride finally gets going.

I’m looking forward to covering the 100km (62-mile) route starting and finishing at the Coate Water Country Park near Swindon.

Someone asked me the other day why I’m doing this.

The answer is simple.

My wife made me do it.


I’m not complaining. Rachel wanted to do something herself to raise money and awareness about ME/CFS, but knew the limitations imposed on her by this illness would be a problem.

So she asked me to do something instead. I was delighted, not least because I’d been thinking that I should something myself to raise money and awareness for both ME/CFS and the role of carers in the UK.

That’s where the Minutes Not Money idea was formed and despite having to abandon last July’s attempt at the C2C Challenge even before I got to the starting line, I remained determined to do something.

Tomorrow’s ride is the perfect fit in so many ways. I get to complete my challenge and raise some money for the ME Association, one of the event’s charity partners.

Thanks to everyone who has donated money and pledged time in support of this challenge. Your support is inspiring.

But the biggest thanks goes to Rachel – she made me do it.


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  1. Rosemary says:

    Good luck.Hope weather holds out and that you dont have the gale force winds we have up here in the North East.

    Rachel may have ‘made you do it’ but I am sure she is with you every step/pedal of the way .

    Look forward to your ‘report’.

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Thanks Rosemary. The ride went very well. I’ll blog about it this week 🙂

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