It is such a relief.

Admittedly it probably is too early to make such bold pronouncements, but I’m already feeling confident enough to claim that Doctor Who has been saved.

We have only had one episode of the new series, but it does feel like we’re welcoming back a fantastic old friend.

Doctor Who lost its way badly in the final two series with its original saviour, Russell T Davies, in charge.

It was high time he stepped aside and the decision to give Steven Moffat the top job always looked the wise choice. Moffat has written a number of the stand out Doctor Who episodes since it returned to our screens.

But even with Moffat at the helm, success wasn’t guaranteed.

We needed a new Doctor and he needed a new assistant.

The new Doctor had a hard act to follow, but Matt Smith has already made giant strides to making the role his own. The assistant role was less of  problem for Karen Gillan, after all she was effectively taking over from Catherine Tate who never convinced as the Doctor’s sidekick.

The newcomers already look like forming a dynamic duo. And if the opening episode is anything to go by we’re in for an entertaining, thrilling and rollicking adventure this series.

So with clever casting allied to clever writing, the Doctor has made a very welcome return to our screens and once again looks to be in very safe hands.


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