Another cool idea for a cycle challenge has wheeled into view.

Rachel Burrows is organising the Headstrong Ride in Birmingham on May 9 on what will be a particularly important anniversary for her.

Twelve months ago she had an accident on her bike and collided head first with a tree.  The impact fractured her spine in 3 places.

She recently got back on her bike for the first time after weeks spent in a plastercast and months of physiotherapy.

The aim of the Headstrong Ride is to raise awareness of the importance of wearing cycling helmets and to raise money for the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI). There is a JustGiving page for those who want to donate.

Rachel wants 106 cyclists to join her – that’s one cyclist for every NHS worker who has helped her on her road to recovery.

The ride is on the family friendly route through the Rea Valley and takes in National Cycle Route No.5.

There’s two choices of route, both on the Rea Valley cycle path, both out and back, both starting and ending at the bandstand in Cannon Hill Park:

  • commit to the full route of 7.5 miles – that’s a mile for each of the weeks that Rachel spent in that delightful plastercast jacket – ideal for those that want a bit of a challenge
  • take it easy on the short route of 2 miles – that’s a mile for each of the showers that Rachel had in the first 3 months of her recovery (yes, you heard it right, 2 showers!) – ideal for those with young children who want a completely off-road route

There is one important stipulation to taking part – you must wear a cycle helmet!


2 responses »

  1. rachelburrows says:

    Thanks so much for your support Paul in taking part, spreading the word, blogging and twittering about Rachel’s Headstrong Ride – I’m bowled over.

    Let’s get on our bikes and ride, have fun, and make a difference on a day that I do NOT want to be looking backwards on!


  2. Paul Groves says:

    It is a great idea and a very positive one too. If we are away that weekend I will take my bike with me and I’ll still do a 7.5 mile ride on the 9th.

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