It always strikes me as quite funny that the one piece of advice which has stuck with me over the years originally came from the boss I despised the most.

He told me on my first day at his newspaper: “Learn something new every day.”

It would be churlish to suggest I learned to dislike him in new ways every day I spent on that newspaper, but that isn’t too far from the truth (and that is unusual for me as I’m normally the most laidback person I know).

Yet putting that personal animosity aside, that little gold nugget of advice was actually spot on.

I’m not sure I can honestly say I have learned something new every day, but I like to think I’ve kept my eyes and attitude open over the years.

Learning important new lessons is part of life and it can relate to just about everything you do – relationships, work, even when out riding your bike.

I have passed on that advice to others ever since I was first told it, although whether anyone has listened to me is debatable.

Rachel and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary last weekend and we did learn something new about each other.

I realised I still love her more each day we are together.

And Rachel discovered that I love peanut butter and cheese sarnies (much to her shock and mild distaste).

See, it is possible to learn something new every day.


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  1. it truly IS possible. I was working for a waitress for YEARS down in south Europe, and we served “pints” to tourists (mainly English ones) – meaning in a half-liter glass. When visiting Ireland this year, i noticed that the “pint-cans” were NOT 500ml, but 568ml… meaning I had for the last 10 years been mistaken by 68ml… and I’m telling you, those 68ml should NOT be underestimated 😛 (i still think that’s why I got too drunk my first night in Ireland, when I still didn’t know… haha)

  2. ashysheela says:

    being interested in the world around you and constantly learning is a much more fun and full life then a disinterested and “I’m bored” one. I certainly rarely am actually bored which i see as an acheivement!

    I really like it when i find out something new about my partner, it still happens after more than 11 years!

    I think i will be trying the peanut butter and cheese – i think it could work! (on a rice cake of course, not a sarnie, but almost the same).

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Sunshine: Its not always the quantity but the quality that counts 🙂

    Ashy: It works well with crunchy or smooth.

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