I’ll be honest, I haven’t given this much thought.

In fact, I’ve given it so little thought that it has crept up on me.

The new series of The Apprentice starts tonight. For the last few series I’ve blogged weekly updates and reviews.

This year I’m not sure I can be bothered.

For example, I was convinced the last winner was that gormless bloke with the village idiot’s grin who did a little wee in his pants when he got excited.

But actually I was wrong, it was Yasmina Siadatan. Who?!? Her:

Yasmina Who? Winner of The Apprentice series 5

Even the injection of new blood – the blessed Margaret having stood down as chief eyebrow archer to Sir Alan – has done nothing to raise expectations or excitement levels. The format, like most reality TV shows, has outlived its own entertainment value.

More importantly, I can probably write the review for each episode now : Bunch of wealth-obsessed, clueless, arrogant tossers shout a lot, give 120% (no, 121%!!!), make idiots of themselves, stab each other in the back, suck up to the potential boss and get their 15 seconds of fame before the winner slips into obscurity.

Nothing much really changes on The Apprentice.

I will watch it though and I’ll probably stick with the whole series. I just don’t think it is worth blogging about any longer.

At a time when hundreds of thousands are facing redundancy, the government is cutting front-line services and some warn of a double dip recession, do we want to see a group of ignorant idiots competing for a six-figure salary?

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