I don’t do resolutions, never have and never will.

I cannot understand why you would restrict yourself to a couple of ideas that are invariably consigned to life’s Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda drawer even before the month of January is complete.

It is hard enough to predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone for an entire 12 months.

So I have always felt it was far better not to make any resolutions in the first faltering few days of the year, rather it is better to stay alive to the ever-changing landscape life throws at you and make decisions as and when they’re required.

I had a similar attitude when I wrote “the list” at the time of my 40th birthday – I jotted down stuff I’d like to do in the coming years, without committing myself to completing the whole list. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, so be it.

Life is unpredictable and a large degree of flexibility is essential – Rachel’s illness has reinforced this belief in me over the last four or five years.

2010 had lots of happy moments for Rachel and I, so will the next 12 months

So no bold resolutions for me in 2011. But I am preparing myself for a 12 months of change and I am determined to do everything I can to ensure it turns out to be a positive year.

Things change, that is always for the good. Even when change is forced on you it is surely better to grab the bull by the proverbials and make the best of it, isn’t it?

I will be changing jobs this year. That is 100% certain as the Government has seen fit to cut all our funding from July 31.

It appears that meeting and exceeding specific targets counts for little in the brave new world of coalition government, particularly if you are viewed as a product of New Labour policy.

The former Government is the big bad monster that brought the country to its knees (sic), even if some of the policies and programmes it developed actually worked and brought positive benefits. There’s little point crying over cut budgets though, so I’m already working hard to find the next step up the career ladder.

I am keeping a close eye on other Government policies yet to come.

As a carer I need to know what they have planned in terms of welfare reform. As the husband of someone with a chronic, long-term illness I need to know what other plans they have which might impact on my wife and our life together.

I have no doubt that there will be significant changes and not all of them will be good for individuals. But I am resolved to find ways of minimising the impact on Rachel, me and us as a couple.

The last year was a bit of a curate’s egg. When it was good, 2010 was very good – Rachel’s brother Simon marrying the lovely Kate; a fantastic holiday and break from the familiar routine; brilliant news about babies due in 2011 to family and friends; Cardiff Blues winning the Amlin Cup final.

When it was bad, it was a pain in the backside – Rachel suffering a serious dip in her health; the will they, won’t they frustration of waiting to hear about our future funding; the Liberal Democrats offering hope but delivering nothing but lame excuses; Wales performing so poorly in the Six Nations.

The year ahead will be different to every year that has gone before and could well be far more challenging than even the most pessimistic are predicting.

It seems 2011 will be a year to be resolute. I hope I’m ready for the challenge.


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  1. Hi Loved reading your blog I am new to this ~ I would be honored if you check out my blog or my book and give me your input ~ I hope your beautiful wife hangs in there and you as well ~ Chronic illness is an uninvited guest and yet ~ It is amazing how we evolve in the face of adversity ~
    I have published a book called The Stages OF Me: A Journey Of Chronic Illness Turned Inside Out ~ I am hoping it reaches those who it may help in some way~ feel free to ask me about it here or for more information on the Book The stages Of Me see the following link to business page on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Stages-Of-Me/177152682317454 Peace friends

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