No. No, I wasn’t.

In answer to my own question in the headline, I wasn’t too quick to judge the candidates on The Young Apprentice after the opening episode.

And I’m not having second thoughts about my initial assessment.

It is the most depressing programme on television at the moment.

Prompted by the suggestion of a few Twitter followers, who claimed I should give the young wannabes a fairer viewing second time around as I might be pleasantly surprised, I turned in for episode two hoping to be proved wrong.

I wasn’t. In fact, the second instalment served merely to confirm my thoughts after the first.

Lord Sugar and his advisers - more kindergarten cops than business mentors?

It also added a few more negative impressions – not least, just how aggressive these kindergarten corporate types can be.

On a task to design an innovative new baby product – most people in reality television seem to have generated their own meaning for that word innovative – the MiniMes were in their element mainly because they behaved like a group of brattish toddlers.

I can still laugh at Grown-up Apprentice because it has almost become a parody of itself.

I cannot justify laughing at The Young Apprentice when it is clear the lessons they have learned from their first forays into business have all been negative and self-servings ones. What’s more, Uncle Lord Sugar and his trusted advisers are doing nothing to correct such attitudes and behaviour.

Third time lucky?

I’m not holding my breath before next week’s instalment.


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