So Lord Sugar has crowned his Young Apprentice and opted for the highly polished, articulate, safe option rather than the mouthy, opinionated risk-taker – no change there then.

The teenage version closely followed the established format for Grown-Up Apprentice, a major failing that was evident throughout the series. The whole thing felt a wasted opportunity.

That is probably a bit harsh on both finalists and some of those who fell by the wayside in the semi-finals. They showed flashes of inspiration and common sense that their Grown-Up counterparts have consistently failed to display.

Indeed, both finalists delivered impressively in the task which ultimately decided the series. Both James and Zara produced ideas and finished products that easily outshone the efforts of many Grown-Up candidates over the years.

Zara triumphed, earning herself £25,000 to invest in her fledgling business idea. It was a tough call for his Lordship, but it was clear that a lack of a clear business plan cost James dearly.

So it is good luck to Zara and a few of the other candidates – undoubtedly corporate stars of the future.

And a fairly exasperated sigh for those of us who wanted The Young Apprentice to offer a refreshing alternative to the Grown-Up version.

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