This and many other questions you never thought of asking before will no doubt be answered with the welcome return of The Apprentice next week.

Even before the series starts we get a delicious insight into what level of daftness awaits us thanks to the brief Meet the Candidates biographies the BBC so helpfully provides.

It means we get gems like “I am better than unique” and it helps us pick out the serious (sic) contenders and those who are merely there for comedic effect (that’s all of them, surely?).


We also get priceless snippets like the candidate who is most proud of his two pet sharks. Now, if that doesn’t resurface as some gloriously contrived shark-business metaphor at some point (even if it is only on this blog) then dress me up as an old salty sea dog with a colourful past and call me Sam Quint.

There will be 16 competing for the prestigious honour of being Lord Sugar’s chosen one, eight women and eight men doing battle in the boardroom and conforming to every known business-related stereotype – and no doubt creating a few of their own too.

We had a reasonably accomplished winner last time around. And Tom Pellereau is about to launch his first invention on an unsuspecting public just as the next series is about to get under way.

A perfect piece of timing…and we all know what the secret of great comedy is, don’t we?

So, with a literally little over a week to go, my appetite for The Apprentice has literally been whetted.

What is better unique? I literally can’t wait to find out.


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