“That Banksy, he’s just like The Stig isn’t he?”

Yes, it was time for The Apprentice to have an art attack this week and we were served up the usual treats from the hapless wannabes.

The task was based around flogging urban art after identifying two suitable, saleable artists.

The team led by the ever-smiling, gushing and Teflon-coated Gabrielle was slightly less crap than the walking-talking dictionary of urban art led by Tom, so they got to celebrate by smearing each other with paint…no, really, that was the prize for winning the task and they seemed really happy about it too.

It was a fitting end to a mess of a task that neither side seemed to fully grasp.

From patronising the artists (Tom), to embarrassing fawning (Gabrielle), idiotic suggestions (Stephen), unexpected invisibility (Ricky) and unashamed dumbness (Adam), no-one stood out for positive reasons this week. And the whole thing just fell flat.

The teams made a total mess of the art task

Gabrielle’s team won despite the fact that they managed to completely cock-up the opportunity for a £10,000 corporate commission and Tom’s team lost because he cocked up his Plan A and then admitted he didn’t have a Plan B.

All in all it was a shambles…and not a very entertaining one at that. Not even Adam’s flitting between open-mouthed imbecile and super sales machine was enough to lift the episode – although comparing Banksy to The Stig was a rare flash of genius.

Laura got booted off for failing to sell enough and talking too much.

And that’s all you really need to know about this task apart from Tom seriously blotted his copybook, Stephen confirmed he’s all mouth and trousers, Jade looks to be joining Adam stuck in the deep end, Gabrielle can make horrendous mistakes and still win, and Jenna and Nick got away with doing nothing.

Oh and one other thing, Adam will probably end up winning.

Roll on next week and let’s hope for a bit more light entertainment amongst the ridiculous business decisions.

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  1. Paul, so glad I only caught the last ten minutes (which, in theory, made me do something better with 50 minutes of my life). When will any of the female candidates learn that it’s better not to be so wordy in front of the Lord? It irritates him. I can tell. It irritates me too.

    You may wish to pursue, and for light entertainment I do recommend it, what I just found on The Telegraph’s website: “The Apprentice: The Twelve Most Idiotic Candidates”. I clicked through the photos and their captions with apprehension. And yes, I knew it: My two love interests were listed. What did I expect? Vincent (series 7) a ” compelling blend of blithering idiocy and hilarious unctuousness”; Darling Tre Azam (series 3) “the maddening megalomaniac” (oh was I smitten by him). And your own dead hot favourite, him of the extravagant hair, Raef, Series 4, made it onto the list too.



    • Paul Groves says:

      I did see that article and I agreed with every single inclusion, particulartly No.1.
      But I thought it was also unfair of the Telegraph to single out those when they could have included so many more!

      • I hoped you’d say that. In fact I knew you would. Not because you are predictable but because a spade is a spade and truth will out.

        I will have to catch up on last night’s episode later today. What’s annoying about The Apprentice that once you lose interest in the players you give up the will to watch/live. Though do have high hopes of that floppy hair – what’s his name – Boris Johnson look alike. Please.


      • Paul Groves says:

        Last night was entertaining and is worth watching…for all the wrong reasons if you are Lord Sugar and all the right ones if you want a bit of a laugh.
        When you refer to the Boris-a-like, are you thinking about Nick “Nice But Dim” – he does have amazingly bad hair, is well spoken and utterly clueless.

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