When is a holiday, not a holiday?

When it is house sitting for a fortnight 20mins drive up the road.

Rachel and I spent two weeks staying on Cannock Chase in a house sitting stint that we both enjoyed immensely and which had such a positive effect. I did take a week off work, but for the rest of the time I was still commuting to Telford – albeit 15mins closer to the office.

My early morning walking route – 6.30am on Cannock Chase is a good time to be out and about.

And I’m still enjoying the benefit of that two-week “holiday”. It has recharged my batteries and there is no doubt that the change of scenery and break in familiar routines has done us both a lot of good.

Little wonder when the new scenery on our doorstep during the two weeks of house sitting was so fantastic.

My early morning bike rides around Lichfield gave way to a few early morning walks across Cannock Chase, complete with deer sightings and encounters with other wildlife.

There was also another interesting feature – the benefits of bungalow living.

For Rachel the convenience of living without a staircase was noticeable from pretty much our first night of house sitting.

A change really can be as good as a rest.

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