Whatever happened to common sense?

When did it go out of fashion?

I’m sure it existed at some point over the last 40-odd years, with the odd hic-cup along the way.

But in more recent years, it seems common sense has simply disappeared from our collective approach and attitude to life. It is dumbing down on a national scale and I’d dearly love to pin the blame solely on reality TV, talent shows and Jamie Oliver, but these are simply component parts of a much bigger problem.

We have come to accept crass stupidity and blind ignorance from our political leaders. But I never thought we’d follow their lead quite so willingly.

The panic buying caused by a non-existent strike by tanker delivery drivers, exacerbated by ridiculous advice (sic) from senior government ministers and the Prime Minister himself, truly does beggar belief.

Some claim the panic buying is simply human nature at play. Is it?

I tend to think it has nothing to do with human nature and everything to do with the creeping malaise of ignorance, mixed with a large dose of arrogance, that make people think they know what is best without trying to discover the full facts for themselves. In the information age, they rely on word of mouth and that bloke out walking his dog they passed in the street earlier rather than taking the time to find out the true story.

Word of mouth is so dangerous because, all things considered, people is stupid.

When they do choose to listen, they follow the advice given by the likes of Francis Maude, a politician who consistently proves himself to be woefully out of touch with reality and lacking in common sense.

All this is played out against the backdrop of pasty-gate – the silly season does seem to be gripping us earlier and earlier with every passing year.

The sight of senior political leaders trying to prove they love pasties and sausage rolls more than their opponents says everything we need to know about the state of British politics at the moment.

And also, possibly, about the state of large sections of the British media. Rather than highlight such nonsense, the media is far too quick to indulge it.

Panic buying, petrol, pasties…we’re turning into a nation of pillocks.

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  1. Common sense…and manners!

  2. Lee Garnett says:

    I completely agree, Paul. Mind you, I think the panic buying phenomenon is as much a result of the “I’m alright Jack” attitude which infests this country. “As long as I’ve got what I want then s*d the rest of you !”, is a woefully short-sighted attitude to life and society. It’s still a bit early in the morning for me to decide whether this stems from greed or stupidity. But the two usually go hand-in hand anyway…

  3. […] it pays to be loud, obnoxious and ignorant these days as it gets you noticed. Secondly, Lord Sugar hates taking […]

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