Several interesting items scattered around today on all things blogs.

First up, a warning from legal types about legal implications of what you write on a blog.

Only five per cent of internet users are clear on their legal rights and responsibilities when posting comment online, according to new research from law firm DLA Piper.

The journalism and law training I received as a young reporter – and studiously keep on top of, obviously – is never far from my thoughts when blogging or commenting. But, then, as blogging and journalism are different beasts, some of the lines do get very blurred.

Obviously taking sufficient care and attention relates to commenting, as much as blogging. So here’s your starter for ten (if you can be bothered):

  • If someone casts doubt on a person’s professional qualifications in a personally abusive comment to a media outlet’s blog, who is in the firing line should the subject of the comment choose to take legal action? Is it the person who made the comment, the organisation who approved it, or both?

Next, Nick Booth has uncovered a ridiculous attitude (but, sadly, possibly fairly typical of large organisations) towards blogs and blogging from the Charity Commission.

On a professional level, I learn something new every day via my blog. On a personal level over the last 2 years I’ve learned far more about my wife’s illness, how it will impact on her, me and us, as well as ways of coping, via my blog and the network of bloggers I read, than I probably ever will from “official” resources.

Finally, originally via email, an illuminating piece on the attitude of some US newspaper editors to personal blogs created by members of staff – they aren’t necessarily happy or in favour.

Further evidence of the steep learning curve we are all negotiating.

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